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May 8th, 2014
  • First off you’d have noticed this website is pretty old. We’re hoping to budget for a complete overhaul.
  • Secondly ‘100 Lightnings’ may just be the longest anthology construction EVER but I assure you all that your patience will be well worth it.
  • We will also be announcing the poetry & prose ‘back to our roots’ anthology to come after it (in much quicker time)
  • Paroxysm Press also has two single-author books in the works from Michael Hier (Aust.) and Mist Rainwater-Lites (U.S.)
  • Adelaide Fringe 2014 was another amazing round of gigs thanks to Kerryn Tredrea.
  • And lastly (for now) SPOKE n SLURRED has settled in to new digs in both states – The James Place Hotel (Adelaide) and Dane Certificate’s Magic Tricks, Gags & Theatre (Melbourne).

& in the meantime keep up to date with Paroxysm Press news on Facebook & Twitter.


WATTO SpokeNSlurred


July 16th, 2012

The 1st three can be downloaded direct from the Paroxysm site. Purchase by creditcard via the secure and respected PayPal:

OR go to the ‘catalogue’ then click on the title of the product and scroll to the bottom to add to your shopping cart. Most titles you see there will be released as .pdf soon – also to be offered in epub (the best format for e-readers and easily convertible to Kindle).

Spoke n Slurred – Adelaide (July)

July 2nd, 2012

Sunday July 22nd

The Squatters Arms
1 George St, Thebarton, South Australia

Hungover as all hell from Melbourne we figured we might as well bring some Victorian based crusties back with us for guest spots for the July Spoke n Slurred.

Both Paroxysm Adelaide Fringe veterans – we have:

Dr. El Suavo – always beautifully unpredictable – for those of you impressed by the ol’ straight-jacket escape last Fringe – expect a lil’ pub n piss-head magic (with a good side serving of words and abuse)

Matthew James – winner of a Paroxysm Press 60 Second Slam and veteran of a season of Adelaide Fringe solo shows.

AND from Adelaide in only his 2nd gig since back in the day (the 1st being for Paroxysm @ The Adelaide Fringe) MICHAEL GROFF – the man behind the mic at the ORIGINAL Spoke n Slurred!

And of course the come one, slur all open mic. We still haven’t figured out if we should give the bar tab as the prize or raffle it off Hard Boiled style (the last winner didn’t drink – for shame!) Let us know what you think & see you there.

Spoke n Slurred – Melbourne (June)

June 3rd, 2012

The first ever Spoke n Slurred, Melbourne.

Monday 25th June – at the legendary Hells Kitchen (city) from 7pm.

This old-school gig outa Adelaide makes its Melburg debut. And it’s up
to YOU Melbourne peeps what ‘flavour’ it takes – get down and help the most unexpected gig in OZ find our direction for your home-town in its open mic.

Started in Adelaide back in the days we have trouble remembering and resurrected this Adelaide Fringe – Spoke n Slurred is known as an
open, easy going and sometimes well sloppy night of alcohol influenced spoken word. Short, sharp and entertaining moments at the mic. But remember – its up to you Melbourne; what your local Spoke n Slurred becomes – poetry, short stories, comedy – lets see what you’ve got.

Thanks to Hells Kitchen we will raffle off a long-neck of Coopers Sparkling. The ‘best’ open-mic gets the raffle $s.

Guest readers: Kerryn Tredrea (Adelaide), Meg Dunn, Shane Jesse Christmass & Hop Dac.

Spoke n Slurred – Adelaide (May)

May 1st, 2012
Squatters Arms, 1 George St, Thebarton, South Australia
It awakens from its hung-over slumber. Michael Groff has thrown-up the torch to Paroxysm Press to carry on the legendary, once thought long lost night of open mic debauchery.

1 guest reader. 3 minutes each on the open mic. 1st Prize – bar tab. 2nd prize – watching the winner drink the bar tab. Some kind of semi-random whatever (ripped off from Hard Boiled) decides the victor.

With 4 Spoke n Slurred – Adelaide @ Squatters Arms & 2 in Melbourne @ Hells Kitchen we’re happy as a shotgun totin’ hillbilly on moonshine day to announce our first guest – ‘Mattie Hardboiled’.

The Paroxysm Press NEWS TRAIN starts NOW.

April 8th, 2012

For those of you not at the Resurrecting the Dead All-IN Extravaganza at Adelaide Fringe – well we made a ton of announcements.

You’ve already heard about Spoke N Slurred but news was given regarding none other than:

– 100 Lightnings anthology progress

– Paroxysm Press e-books

– A new anthology soon to open for submissions

– And we’ll be allocating time for editors to begin reading new single author works

– Plus (on the quiet) a unique little project starting up with a couple of great artists.

But as to not overload you all with too much too soon – lets start with one:

100 Lightnings has been one LONG TERM project but the wait will be more than worth it. Its in the editing and cover work stage right now. Stephen Studach is a perfectionist and as per the title of his Paroxysm Press novella – this anthology is guaranteed as a ‘A Thing of Beauty’. So please be patient readers (and especially writers). 100 Lightnings will also mark the first Paroxysm Press book that is released in both hardcopy and e-book at the same time.

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March 29th, 2012

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Spoke n’ Slurred is BACK !!!

March 29th, 2012

For those of you not at the ‘rubber-chicken-knighting’ ceremony at the Adelaide Fringe – Mr. Groff has passed the torch. In 2012 we hope for 4 gigs at the Squatters in Adelaide (1 George St, Thebarton) and 2 in Melbourne. A guest reader each gig is paid $$$ plus a bar prize goes to the ‘best’ open-mic-type-person-guy.

Spoken N’ Slurred – Adelaide (Sunday) dates for 2012:

20th May, 22nd July, 23rd Sept, 18th Nov.

Working on the 2 Melbourne gigs atm.

And so the sun sets on another Adelaide Fringe

March 18th, 2012

And so the sun sets on another Adelaide Fringe; hiding from view the prone forms of the exhausted writers & poets.

Again there was so much of the good stuff that no-one could keep up with it all.

Congrats to Tracey Korsten for winning the slam – despite the administrative pain in the butt of her already being on the Showcase line-up!

Thanks to all the artists, organisers and (of course) audience. Special thanks to Bryan and all the hardworking beaver-types at Tuxedo Cat, to everyone at The Squatters, Mirek Krejic for the photos and film soon to be gracing the website and to Chris Brunner – can’t wait to hear the finished product (GoTeri!)


March 6th, 2012


Adelaide Fringe 2012 / Sunday 11th March / Squatters Arms Hotel  (1 George St, Thebarton) Doors 6pm – open til late!

Some words from our good MC Kerryn as she was putting together this unmissable gem of crusty: “we want to recreate the old days [the bands, the booze, the blood – Daniel]. we want to show the new crew who we usta be & show the early crew who is out there now & that we are still going strong . . . we are planning a big year this year, with an interstate roadshow or two, an international anthology release [and some very swish news for our long distance fans.] you have been chosen . . . well, dont ask why just turn up” Anyone whos read a poem, worked door or merch, played in a band or drank a beer at a Paroxysm gig – this is for you!

mc’s daniel watson & kerryn tredrea

dick dale /  ben kearvell / michael groff / gail walker / amelia walker / avalanche / heather taylor johnson / indigo / nicki bullock / teri louise kelly  / red uncensored / nigel ford

PLUS the kick-arse tunes of ISOLATION VALVE to party on into the night (and remember Monday is a public holiday!)

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